My Sister’s Closet of Monroe County, Inc.

Mission Statement:
My Sister’s Closet promotes economic self-sufficiency by providing:
professional attire, support services and essential career development tools for success.

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What is the number of volunteer hours you can commit to on an average month?
Board meetings are held at 5:30pm, on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. If applying for board membership, are you able to make these meetings at least once a month? YesNo

If applying to work on a committee, what are the best times and days for you to meet?

The following Board / Committee positions are available? Please check below if you are interested.

  Board Committee
Vice President
Public Relations / Media Coordination
Grant Procurement Advisor / Coordination
Voucher Agency Liaison
Community Volunteer Coordination
Retail Operations Supervisor
(IT/Web) Informational Technologies Coordinator
Capital Campaign Management / Fund Raising
Event Planning Coordination
E-Store Donations Team Coordination
Student Volunteer Coordinator
Interview Skills Program Development
Donations Team Coordination
Other Positions:
Executive Director – Reports to Board of Directors
Bookkeeper/Payroll and Tax Preparation Coordinator

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