Interview Skills Training

Appropriate clothing is only part of the solution when applying for that next job. You also need to polish your professional image. By attending one of our Interview Skills Workshops you will learn how to offer a firm handshake, introduce yourself professionally, and appear confident and at ease when answering questions about yourself regardless of your history.

Because a critical factor in getting any job is how you speak and convey your capabilities during the interview process; you need the knowledge and practice to make this step easier. After attending one of our Interview Skills Workshops, you will walk away like a pro knowing how to:

  • Learn Time Proven Techniques That Will Give you a Competitive Advantage Over Other Applicants
  • Turn Negatives into Positives About Any Situation When Telling Your Story
  • Utilize Tools to Help You Stand Out, Get Remembered, and Get Called Back
  • Make Your Body Language and Appearance Work for You
  • Learn How to Respond To and Practice for Common Interview Questions with Confidence
  • Answer Tough Questions about Job Losses, Layoffs, Holes on your Resume With Ease
  • Open to both men and women, these FREE mini-courses are offered in collaboration with career professionals and community organizations to improve your chances of Success.