MSC Leadership

Sandy Keller Founder / Executive Director
Erin McAlister Operations Director
Angela Apicella Marketing Director/ Interim Board Secretary
Maryanne Pelic Board President
Krisy Mahome Board Treasurer
Diane Daily Board Member, WGCL reporter
Jane Matranga Board Member, Retired IU College of Arts & Science- Fashion Design, Trashion Refashion

Consider being part of this creative and dynamic team,  follow the link to submit an application


Sandy Keller Founder, Executive Director
Erin McAlister Operations Director
Angela Apicella Marketing Director
Anthony Glomm E-Commerce & Supply Chain Manager
Angela Lee-Hsiao Digital Transformation Consultant
Jawahir Store Staff & Alterations Specialist
Elizabeth Mattingly Store Staff & Alterations Specialist
Kelley Edwards Store Staff & Client Advocate
Rhonda “Roni” Griffith Store Staff & Client Advocate
Laurel Nardine Store Staff & Client Advocate
Janet McCoy Store Staff & Client Advocate
Terri Stephens Store Staff & Client Advocate

Student Team Members:

Elizabeth “Libby” Carver Fashion Merchandising
Kendall Eurton E-Commerce
Anthony Grego E-Commerce & Supply Chain
Ava Mikola Fashion Merchandising
Emma Robinson E-Commerce
Avery Wilkerson Social Media Marketing

Emeritus Board:

Sharon Porter – Phillips
Liisa Gordy
Sandi Taylor
Torry Hamilton
Maria Douglas
Dorothy Granger
Denise Howard

Client Advisory Board:

Penny “The Bra Lady” Buhr Client Advocate – Bra Fitting Specialist
Susan Dabkowski Client Mentor & Advocate – Store Volunteer & Nonprofit Advisor
Lisa Gershwin Client Mentor & Advocate
Gerhard Glomm Client Advocate – Student Advisor
Cynthia Hogan Client Advocate – Wellness & Nonprofit Advisor
Erin McAlister Client Advisory – Past Client- Director of Operations
Celeste McGregor Client Advisory – Former Client Services Coordinator
Maryanne Pelic Client Mentor & Advocate – Legal Specialist
Sharon Porter – Phillips Client Advisory – Event Coordinator & Formal Room Event Caterer
Debbie Pryor Client Mentor & Advocate – Former Store Manager & Store Volunteer
Sandra Sabbagh Client Mentor & Advocate – Speech & Presentation Life Coach
Denise Schockley Client Mentor & Advocate – Financial Wellness Trainer
Mary Wheeler Client Advisory – Past Client – Client Specialist & Recipient of Woman Excel Award

Regular Store Volunteers:

Julia Bebeau Store Volunteer – Bra-ista (Undergarment Manager)
Irene Bull Store Volunteer
Edda Callahan Store Volunteer – German Translation Specialist
Susan Dabkowski Store Volunteer- Nonprofit Advisor
Kelley Edwards Store Volunteer
Donna Lobdell Store Volunteer
Allison Pack Store Volunteer
Thalissa Paixao Store Volunteer – Portuguese & Spanish Translation Specialist
Tamar Cander Jewelry Department Volunteer
Ila Chaiken Jewelry Department Volunteer
Laura Chaiken Jewelry Department Volunteer
Larry Deckard Jewelry Department Volunteer
Laura Gottlieb Jewelry Department Volunteer

Recognizing Volunteers, Service Learning Classes & Interns:

In addition to our Board and Store Staff, My Sister’s Closet is led by a team of volunteers and interns that help to keep the whole operation going! Volunteers and Interns work in the store regularly, assist with marketing and event planning, help with data management, among many other things. My Sister’s Closet frequently works with multiple Service Learning Classes at Indiana University to help tackle specific projects over the course of a semester. To find out more or get involved, apply here.